miercuri, 29 iulie 2009

Rose Kielbasa

You probably don't have the slightest idea what a rose kielbasa is :) If you're familiar with the Romanian cuisine you may know the term "cârnăcior trandafir", a type of sausage that only resembles a rose if you look at it from a point of view perpendicular to its axis. But I'm not trying to confuse you, mixing geometry with fat and ciobănesque food, I'm actually trying to explain why I can't stand this sort of sausage anymore. It's quite simple and logic, has to do mainly with whiskey. And vodka. Ok, and some gin.

It all happened in the 90s, at the b-day party of one of my friends, where we managed to drink all the bottles of whiskey - by midnight! Then all our attention shifter towards vodka and a while later towards the gin. Because nobody drinks on an empty stomach we stuffed ours with all the cold-cuts the host prepared for us until finally only the bloody rose kielbasa remained uneaten. Not for long.

And it was such a nice summer sunrise, in the backyard of my friend! I remember every single moment of the couple of hours that I stood there admiring the rose garden, concentrating on an decent upright position and applying a rule that is well known to IT folks and accountants: LIFO. Last In (rose kielbasa), First Out. Finally I could call a cab and I left the roses with the...other roses. To this day, I don't mind drinking any of that fine stuff I mentioned above but I shiver and turn green whenever I see a rose sausage.

So, kids, don't try this at home, stay clean of the bloody rose kielbasa! Eat responsibly and don't forget to drink!

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